Week ending 4/5/18

It’s been cooking week at preschool this week and the children have made mouth watering pizzas. They’ve been chopping and choosing various toppings and the results looked and smelled delicious. 

Week ending 13/7/18

posted 13 Jul 2018, 03:09 by Melanie Goddard

This week our leavers have had their Leavers Presentations.  We have decorated biscuits and on Tuesday we made England flags ready for the World Cup Semi Final.

Week ending 29/6/18

posted 29 Jun 2018, 03:25 by Melanie Goddard

The children have made yummy sandwiches this week.  They have chosen jam, Marmite or cheese to fill them and then enjoyed them at snack time.

Week ending 22/6/18

posted 22 Jun 2018, 03:15 by Melanie Goddard

This week lots of us enjoyed our trip to Beale Park.  We saw the animals, had a train ride and had lots of fun in the paddling pool.

Week ending 15/6/18

posted 15 Jun 2018, 02:56 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have been making beautiful cards for their dads and other special people.  We have talked about who is special to us and why we love them.

Week ending 8/6/18

posted 8 Jun 2018, 02:46 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have made beautifully colourful Eid cards and learned about the meaning of Eid.

Week ending 25/5/18

posted 25 May 2018, 02:29 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have enjoyed play with Beebot, a programmable toy which requires the children to press buttons in the correct order to get it to carry out actions.  The children are getting very skilled at this and we also saw some very good turn taking.

Week ending 18/5/18

posted 19 May 2018, 01:52 by Melanie Goddard

Our butterflies hatched this week! We watched as they unfolded their wings and fed on strawberries with their long tongues. We released them in our garden. 

Week ending 27/4/18

posted 27 Apr 2018, 04:39 by Melanie Goddard

We have been amazed this week at how big our caterpillars have grown.  Each one will soon make a chrysalis.  We can't wait to see them become butterflies.

Week ending 20/4/18

posted 22 Apr 2018, 12:19 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have enjoyed making some fearsome dragons while learning about St George’s day.  We have also been fascinated by the tadpoles which we hope to see become little frogs. 

Week ending 23/3/18

posted 23 Mar 2018, 02:53 by Melanie Goddard

This week is children have been busy crafting, making Easter nests with fluffy yellow chicks and Spring flowers for our display board.

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