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Week ending 26/03/2021

posted 26 Mar 2021, 04:17 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have been enjoying Easter craft, making rabbit ears and egg painting!  We have also been learning the 'Spring Chicken' song.

Week ending 19/03/2021

posted 19 Mar 2021, 03:02 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have taken part in a STEM activity.  Skittle sweets were placed around the edge of a plate.  Warm water was added and the children watched the colours spread.  On Friday we filled the Pre-school with colour as we held a carnival day for Comic Relief!

Week ending 12/03/2021

posted 12 Mar 2021, 03:05 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have been making Mother's Day cards.  We have been talking about all the many different things our Mummies do for us and how thankful we are.

Week ending 05/03/2021

posted 5 Mar 2021, 02:53 by Melanie Goddard

This week we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day dressing as our favourite book characters on Thursday!  We raised funds for new books for our library and would like to thank you so much for your kind donations.

Week ending 26/02/2021

posted 26 Feb 2021, 03:23 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have started our Termly Topic of Healthy Eating, we have explored all the different colours of healthy fruit and vegetables and played a Healthy Eating Greedy Gorilla game!

Week ending 12/02/2021

posted 12 Feb 2021, 02:29 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox.  We have created paper plate Oxen, finger puppets, Chinese Lanterns and Cherry Blossom trees!  We also sampled bao buns which were delicious!

Week ending 05/02/2021

posted 5 Feb 2021, 02:41 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have been learning 'All About Me'.  They have created self portraits for our display board and made little versions of themselves using craft materials.

Week ending 29/01/2021

posted 29 Jan 2021, 06:10 by Melanie Goddard   [ updated 29 Jan 2021, 06:11 ]

This week has been STEM week!  The children took part in a colour change experiment. We used some red cabbage that had been blended with water, poured it into clear cups and added various household items to see if the colour changed. We talked about acids and alkalis which would have a different effect on the cabbage water. We found that acids (lemon juice and vinegar) would turn it pink, and alkalis (bicarbonate of soda and washing powder) will turn it blue & green. We had lots of fun watching the colours change!

Week ending 22/01/2021

posted 22 Jan 2021, 03:29 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have been taking part in a Yoga session using Children's Yoga Dice.  We have tried the Plank, Shell, Warrior, Boat and Happy Baby poses!

Week ending 15/01/2021

posted 15 Jan 2021, 03:11 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have been looking in mirrors and recreating their faces on paper plates.  We've been looking at eye colour, hair colour and talking about our favourite colour!

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