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Have a look and see what we've been up to this week!

Week ending 16/11/18

posted 16 Nov 2018, 03:07 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have created Pudsey Bear pictures and wore our pyjamas for Children in Need.  The children have enjoyed creating and acting out Helicopter stories.

Week ending 09/11/18

posted 9 Nov 2018, 08:55 by Melanie Goddard

What a busy creative week we've had!  This week we made Diwali cards, firework rockets for our display board and paper plate poppies for Remembrance Sunday.  

Week ending 02/11/18

posted 3 Nov 2018, 06:25 by Melanie Goddard

This week the children have been busy making ghost decorations for our Halloween party and scooping out pumpkin to make spooky lanterns, we have also started to make Diwali cards for the festival of lights celebration.

Week ending 19/10/18

posted 19 Oct 2018, 12:50 by Melanie Goddard

This week has been all about the singing and the dancing.  The children have enjoyed choosing and joining in with their favourite songs with actions, we have learnt "the floss" and had a Friday afternoon disco complete with disco light show!

Week ending 12/10/18

posted 12 Oct 2018, 03:05 by Melanie Goddard

This week our children have enjoyed cooking Akki Roti, a rice flat bread.  They measured out ingredients and rolled out the dough to make a thin bread to take home.  We also held our sponsored "Welly Wang" throughout the week, there were some great 'wanging' of wellies and the children had great fun taking part!

Week ending 5/10/18

posted 5 Oct 2018, 04:14 by Melanie Goddard

This week our Birdie Club children have been making patterns with Elephant Links using different colours and sizes.  Meanwhile our Fledglings group have been exploring tracks and trains.  We have been identifying action words from photographs, i.e. swimming, running, jumping, riding, skipping and dancing.  We have also enjoyed the climbing arch and parachute outside in the sunshine!

Week ending 28/9/18

posted 28 Sep 2018, 03:08 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have been busy creating for our Harvest Festival Display Board.  The children have been painting corn on the cob, tractors, ploughed fields, a scarecrow and making clouds out of cotton wool.  We have also been exploring real harvest vegetables in our home corner kitchen.

Week ending 21/9/18

posted 21 Sep 2018, 02:55 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have continued to meet our new starters as they have their first day with us.  We have decorated butterflies with paint and stickers and have enjoyed looking at and painting with conkers.  We also introduced the children to our new Kindness Board for behaviour choices.

Week ending 14/9/18

posted 14 Sep 2018, 03:30 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have welcomed back our existing children and enjoyed meeting our new starters.  We have made playdough and enjoyed making and painting Dragonflies.

Week ending 20/7/18

posted 20 Jul 2018, 01:51 by Melanie Goddard

This week we have made and decorated hand fans to keep us cool and the children helped one of our parents, who is an artist, create a fantastic mural on the walls of our role play shed.  This morning the children are taking part in outdoor games, having lots of fun, and later we will be enjoying our end of term picnic!

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