At Peachcroft Pre-school we recognise that children learn and thrive in an enriched, happy and safe environment.  When they feel secure they then have the confidence to experiment, explore and progress at their own pace in their own unique way.

The staff and Trustees are passionate about a child's first experience in an educational setting, and recognise the skills they are learning will serve them well throughout their life into adulthood.  We work closely with parents encouraging high aspirations for the children, through communication during parent meetings, informal chats and through our online Learning Journal 'EyLog'.

The Intent

The Intent of our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum is to ensure the children are school ready when leaving the setting as they progress through their educational life.  As a pre-school we encourage them to become creative thinkers who are confident in sharing their ideas.

We follow the EYFS Framework and the Development Matters, we track each individual child from their starting point when they join us until they move on to 'big school', ensuring each child reach their full potential here at Peachcroft Pre-school.

The Implementation

The Implementation: we provide high quality teaching from an experienced staff base in a language rich environment by being effective role models.  We spend quality time with all children undertaking small group activities, individual activities.  We use an 'In the Moment' style planning to ensure the children lead their own learning and staff are beside them to input, enhance and consolidate their learning.  Through our regular interactions and observations we are able to pinpoint where a child is at in terms of their learning and if they require further additional support to aid their progression.  We use the WellComm tool to assess childrens Speech and Language development, this enables us very quickly to establish if a child needs further intervention.

The Impact

The Impact of our provision: