Promoting Good Attendance

Establishing good habits helps to:


        Build in young children the idea that getting up and going to a setting is simply what you do.


        Children who attend their booked session regularly develop a feel for the rhythm of the week and will gain a sense of security.



It will help to secure relationships:


        Our children will find it easier to build and sustain social relationships when they regularly attend their sessions with us. Regular on time attendance will help to develop a secure attachment.



        Regular attendance will allow you as parents the opportunity to get things done, allowing quality time with your children.


Promotes good self-esteem:


        Children who rarely miss sessions and arrive on time are more likely to feel good about themselves. This is because they know what goes on and what to expect, feel more confident with the adults and the other children and have more opportunities, i.e. show and tell, weather forecasting and letters and number songs.


        Experience has shown us that children who regularly miss sessions or who are generally late, can have a negative impact on their wellbeing.  They may suffer with a loss of confidence and missed opportunities.


        Regular attendance, on time, helps young children to separate from parents or carers at the start of the session and settle more readily into daily pre-school life.


Learning and Development Experiences and Activities are:


        Carefully planned each session to help every child thrive. Experiences gained in one session are often developed further in the next session, whether or not these are consecutive days.


        Children learn in many different ways through play with others and the staff, who actively support their learning and development.


        Statistically underachievement is often linked to lower attendance. Therefore, by adopting these good habits now, it will enable the children to take these life skills through to school and on to adulthood.